Monday, February 22, 2016

Clouds and Colors

Having a retail store directly across from the Pacific ocean for 5 years was a lot of hard work but it was work in paradise.  I was literally on call for sunset duty. The winter brings incredible sunsets and storms with huge waves and vibrant colors...  As soon as the clouds and colors started, I was on my way across the street...tripod in hand.  I will post a series of my favorite sunsets here on the blog.  I also have published a small book of sunsets from my collection.  Ventura California is just about perfect in every way and it needs to be shared...  Great weather...beautiful surroundings and adventures...and the spectacular Channel Islands... So here goes!

Waves...clouds...colors...and vis

Outdoor Tile

Welcome to our new tile blog.  We hope to bring you the latest and greatest in tile design and innovations as well as a feel for the beauty of Southern California through our photography and tile pieces.

Our kiln fired tile process allows us to reproduce high resolution images onto ceramic and porcelain tiles that will never fade.  This is especially important to many of  our product lines..from house numbers to memorials to signs. Additionally, the finished product is graffiti proof and durable in any severe weather environment.

A very inspiring project for us ... The "Stations of the Cross" reproduced on 28 outdoor murals at St. Francis de Assisi Church in Fillmore California.